Vancouver Program Details

Located Downtown Vancouver

Lord Roberts Elementary, 1100 Bidwell Street Vancouver

Pre-registration is highly recommended for all Vancouver after school programs, including for the following school year beginning in September and Summer Programs!


Digital Arts & Design [0001]

Explore the virtual and physical world through your mind’s eye! Children watch their thoughts and ideas come alive step by step creating physical building structures from Lego®, 3-D building puzzles and photographs that are later modeled into the virtual building software of Minecraft®. This is a project based program where each child will begin building a digital art portfolio of their work, which can generate larger concepts and ideas, with the potential for further development at home or in school.

Mindesign Benefits Include: Patience, coordinating, planning, constructing, creative thinking, teamwork, mono-tasking, discovery and design.





Visual Journaling & Storytelling [0002]

Discover your inner world creatively by practicing the art of recording it! Children embark on the journey of creating visual journals to express their experiences, feelings and emotional reactions both visually and verbally. This process assists in unveiling our inner artist while exploring the connections between image and word.

Utilizing Lego® Story Starter visualizer software and building blocks, together with journaling, children begin to create published works of their own. Incorporates indoor & outdoor activities (weather permitting). Each child is given their visual journal and published materials at the end of the program and encouraged to continue their self-discovery.

Mindesign Benefits Include: Inner-reflection, self-discovery, creative writing, self-expression, empowerment, self-confidence, literacy and artistic design.





Communicating with Nature Through Photography [0003]

Uncover your innate senses by connecting with Mother Nature! Children will research and unravel their favorite aspects of the great outdoors through documenting the way they experience it. Utilizing the art of photography, children will photograph their journeys through Stanley Park. They will be empowered to further research their experiences and discoveries indoors of what they saw, heard, and felt. This is a project based program in which each child will begin building a digital portfolio of their photography and putting it together creatively through a presentation style of their choice.

Mindesign Benefits Include: Nature & self, composition, contrast, environment, research, planning, structure, communication, visual arts, photography and design.





Building Character & Life Skills [0004]

Enhance your life with the essentials! Children are empowered to reinforce their emotional and moral intelligence through an array of character building activities. Incorporating MindUP™, a research-based training program in neuroscience, students learn to self-regulate behavior and mindfully engage in focused concentration. The program is designed to complement each child’s developmental needs with fun and practical life skill building activities that take place indoors, and most importantly outdoors, assisting children to connect with nature.

Mindesign Benefits Include: Enhanced perspective, compassion, kindness, self-regulation, complex problem solving, communication, self-reflection, focus, self-confidence and empowerment.




Special Occasions

Be it inside your child’s school or a community centre close by, our after school programs are sure to meet your needs.

Whether you’re part of a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), non-profit organization, planning a family gathering or bar mitzvah, we’ve got you covered!

Needing the Founder & CEO to come and talk about a new paradigm shift in education? Give us a shout, we’re here to help educate you and your people!

We’ll even come to your holiday occasions and birthday parties to keep all the children occupied, and most of all…having fun!

How Our Programs Work

Located Downtown Vancouver


Lord Roberts Elementary, 1100 Bidwell Street Vancouver

Room #125 (there’s a separate entrance directly into the Mindesign Kids Vancouver after school programs immediately to the left side of the steps at the main entrance into the school)


Pre-registration is highly recommended for all programs, including for the following school year beginning in September and Summer Programs!

Worry free & safe!


We’re an extra set of eyes when you’re not around. We have a 1:12 facilitator/child ratio.


All our facilitators are First Aid certified with St. John’s Ambulance and hold Security Clearance Certificates with the Canadian RCMP.


The Mindesign Kids Company holds a five-million-dollar insurance policy.


Children enrolled in Mindesign Kids at their school simply walk down the hall to the program. We also have transportation options available to pick up children in nearby schools and districts.


Third-party transportation services available here:

Kids Coach Vancouver

1-604-437-KIDS (5437)

Strengthening moral and emotional intelligence is what we do!


All our programs are uniquely designed to provide environments that encourage healthy minds, positive behavior, good habits and choices.


Children in our care are guided and encouraged to thrive and build upon their inborn creativity, abilities and imagination from the innermost depths of their hearts and minds.


We believe that the foundation of extraordinary talents and skills are first developed through acquiring and utilizing good morals, practice, patience and being kind!

No Problem!


If you’re a busy parent with busy children give Kids Coach a call at 1-604-437-KIDS (5437) to register your children and they will do the rest.


Serving the Vancouver School District.


You can request an estimate at

  • All students enrolled at Lord Roberts Annex receive a courtesy escort pick-up to the Mindesign Kids Program on foot by one of our facilitators each day
  • All Mindesign Kids’ programs listed are modified according to your child’s experience and customized to meet his/her needs over the course of the year
  • Each Mindesign Kids’ program and/or project is designed to build upon from one quarter to the next over the course of the year with no pre-requisites required (example: beginners or experienced learners can enroll anytime and in any program)
  • Registration can be customized at the time of enrollment to meet parents’ and childrens’ needs: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week
  • Professional development days (8:30am – 6:00pm) are covered in the premiums for children enrolled in 3 or more programs
  • Early dismissal days (2:00pm) are covered in all programs and children should simply make their way to the Mindesign Kids program as usual
  • All programs are closed during statutory holidays
  • Food, snacks and beverages are to be made and sent from home to ensure proper nourishment throughout the duration of your child’s day
  • Children must currently be enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 7 of the upcoming year
  • Separate programs run over school breaks: Summer, Spring, and Winter and each require separate registration
  • 1:12 facilitator/child ratio
  • Maximum 30 children per program

Note regarding After School Programs:

Programs and project offerings will change each quarter according to meet the needs of its enrollees’ skill levels and further advancement in their preferred art form and mediums.
From time to time, specialized instructors will be brought in professionally to facilitate skill advancement according to individual needs and age groups – no additional fees will be added during these program sessions.
Enrollment can be secured for any upcoming program period noted above with administration and materials fees deposit (example: Monthly, Quarterly or Annually) – see pricing section below for details.
Programs operate Monday – Friday between 3:00 – 6:00pm for 1.5 hours per program.

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